Bunnies in Space

The big jumping bunnies sculpture is one of the various artworks designed by Ateljé Sotamaa for the restaurant Ultima. Being part of the team I worked on the digital 3d model of rabbits, modeling them and developing the output file then used for their physical realization.

” The sculpture is a six meter long trace of a bunny-rabbit jumping though space. The sculpture seems to exist in a place between cartoon bunnies, the vertebrae of a scary dinosaur, and cinematic movement. The intent is to create an artwork, which is unexpected and open ended in interpretation, just as the future is. “

The artwork is part of a wider architecture and design project: the Ultima restaurant located in the center of Helsinki and run by top chefs and owners Henri Alén and Tommi Tuominen .


Ateljé Sotamaa 

Link at the project (Ateljé Sotamaa website)