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Rustica is a minimal and yet bold lamp with a wavy surface, available in 3 different sizes.

The lamp is graphically and ironically inspired by the shape of the iconic potato chip which in Italy is well known as Rustica (raw, unfinished, literally rustic). As well as the raw corrugated metal which, in a game of contrasts, is transformed into a graphic and essential object, anything but rough and rustic.

Rustica can be wall-mounted (applique), laid horizontally on the ground or suspended from the ceiling. The rounded and wavy element hides the body of the lamp, which contains light source and technical elements.

Rustica produces a warm and soft indirect light. During the day its wavyness is enhanced by reflecting the natural light of the environment, interacting with the surrounding and the other light sources of the space, turning into a minimal and colorful everiday sculpture.

Rustica has been recently exhibited ad Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019 in the young talents section Greenhouse.

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