World Expo Finnish Pavilion 2017

with Ateljé Sotamaa


Collaboration as Senior designer with the design office Atelje’ Sotamaa working at the concept design, 3d models, renders and prototypes, exhibition design inclunding custom and site specific services, products and furniture.

” The architecture transports the audience to the Finnish atmosphere of powerful contrasts. The pavilion consists of five buildings and the space between them. There is a strong contrast beween the white interstitial space and the warm interiors, which is supported by the careful use of sound and light. Both the architecture and exhibition of the Finnish Pavilion in Astana World Expo are designed by the same author. Ateljé Sotamaa has worked to make the pavilion a total work of art where architecture and exhibition content are intricately intertwined. The aim of the holistic design method is to create a powerful, emotional experience, which sparks people’s curiosity. “



Ateljé Sotamaa 

Link at the project (Ateljé Sotamaa website)